Player Milestones – Games played

2022 registered players/members only – as at end of 2021 season.

Players within 10 games of their next milestone are marked with *

Game totals:

450 plus:

Debbie Morrisby
Lindy Maw

400 plus:

Belinda Hippel

300 plus:

Sandra McCann

250 plus:

Hannah Walters

200 plus:

Amy McManus*
Caitlin Bidwell
Elspeth Fallon*
Lisa Cranefield
Maddison Blazely
Madison Smith
Natalie Jenkins

150 plus (150 games are not acknowledged during the season):

Abbey Rossiter
Allison Weeding
Ally Boulter
Amanda Benson*
Ashlee Hales
Billie Roger
Casey Hutchinson
Christina Hippel
Lizzie Arnold
Lucy Boulter
Madalyn Branch
Semele Batchelor
Sophie Weeding
Tracey-Lee Scott

100 plus:

Abbie Hayden
Amelia Cook
Annalise Weidenbach
Ariana Fleming
Bethany Reeves
Brigitte Fountain*
Caeley Wilson
Carolyn Nicholas
Cassandra Harback
Chloe Commane
Eden Frame
Ella Anderson
Ella Maw
Emma Daly
Estelle Round
Gina Mainsbridge
Hailey Jackson
Hannah Maw
Hayley Branch
Isabella Hippel
Jarita Fitzgerald
Joanna Harback*
Kate Robertson
Kayla Cute
Laura Monty*
Laura Scott
Lily Mainsbridge*
Lucy Goodrick
Mackenzie Walker
Magenta Scotney
Michelle Fisher
Olivia Wilkins
Olivia Wright
Samantha Cacciatori
Samantha Mizzen
Tanya Fisher
Wendy Gilmour